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About Indivisible - Soundtrack

Indivisible - Soundtrack is a supplementary digital content offering that enhances the auditory experience of the base game Indivisible. This soundtrack features a collection of musical compositions that were specifically created to complement the game's vibrant and dynamic world. While it does not include the gameplay elements of Indivisible, it serves as a standalone product for music enthusiasts and fans of the game who wish to immerse themselves in its atmospheric and thematic tunes.

Features of Indivisible - Soundtrack

- Rich Musical Compositions: A diverse array of tracks that capture the essence of Indivisible's narrative and environments.

- Standalone Digital Product: Available separately from the game, allowing listeners to enjoy the music without needing to own the base game.

- Enhanced Immersion: The soundtrack is designed to evoke emotions and enhance the player's connection to the game's story and characters.

Release Date of Indivisible - Soundtrack

8 Oct, 2019

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on8 Oct, 2019
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