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About Infested Planet

Infested Planet is a thrilling real-time strategy game where players command a squad of five elite soldiers in a desperate battle against an overwhelming alien horde. Set in a dystopian future, the Earth is besieged by a relentless swarm of extraterrestrial creatures, and it's up to your tactical acumen to outwit and outfight the encroaching threat. This game combines elements of tactical combat and resource management, challenging players to think strategically while engaging in intense, fast-paced battles.

Features of Infested Planet

- Tactical Combat: Engage in strategic battles where positioning and timing are crucial to survival against the alien onslaught.

- Resource Management: Balance the allocation of resources to ensure your squad is equipped with the best weapons and upgrades to face the ever-growing alien threat.

- Dynamic Enemy Behavior: The alien horde adapts and changes tactics, requiring players to continuously evolve their strategies to counter new challenges.

- Cooperative Play: Team up with other players to coordinate strategies and tackle the alien invasion together, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Release Date of Infested Planet

6 Mar, 2014

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on6 Mar, 2014
DeveloperRocket Bear Games