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About Inspector Schmidt - A Bavarian Tale

Inspector Schmidt - A Bavarian Tale is a captivating third-person RPG detective story set in the year 1866 in the rural village of Wolpertshofen, Bavaria. The game follows the journey of medical student Valentin Schmidt, who finds himself embroiled in a mysterious series of events following a sudden death in the village. Players must utilize their investigative skills to gather clues, interrogate villagers, and unravel the truth behind the murders to restore peace to the community.

Features of Inspector Schmidt - A Bavarian Tale

- Historical Setting: Immerse yourself in the rich, detailed environment of 19th century Bavaria, complete with authentic architecture, cultural nuances, and historical references.

- Investigative Gameplay: Engage in a variety of detective activities such as finding hidden clues, analyzing evidence, and conducting interviews with villagers to piece together the mystery.

- Character Development: Experience the growth of Valentin Schmidt as he navigates the complexities of the case, personal dilemmas, and the moral ambiguities of his profession.

- Dynamic Storytelling: The narrative unfolds based on the player's decisions, leading to multiple possible endings and a deeply personalized gaming experience.

Release Date of Inspector Schmidt - A Bavarian Tale

2 Feb, 2023

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on2 Feb, 2023
DeveloperActive Fungus Studios
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