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About IP Messenger (64-bit)

IP Messenger (64-bit) is a versatile and user-friendly application designed for chat communication within a Local Area Network (LAN). This pop-up style LAN Messenger is available for multiple platforms and offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for secure and efficient communication within a LAN environment.

Key Feature
1: Serverless Message Communication

IP Messenger is based on TCP/IP (UDP) and does not require a server machine for operation. This serverless message communication system simplifies the setup process and ensures that users can quickly and easily establish chat connections within their LAN.

2: Fast File or Folder Transfer

The application allows users to transfer files or folders quickly and efficiently within the LAN. This feature is particularly useful for sharing documents, images, or other files with colleagues or team members without the need for external file-sharing services.

3: Image Embedded Message and Desktop Capture

IP Messenger supports image-embedded messages, enabling users to share visual information seamlessly within their chat conversations. Additionally, the application offers a desktop capture feature, allowing users to capture a specific area of their desktop and share it with others in the LAN.

4: Message Encryption and Security

Security is a top priority for IP Messenger, which offers message encryption using RSA2048bit and AES256bit algorithms. This robust encryption ensures that chat communication within the LAN remains secure and confidential. The application also supports message signing and verification using the PKCS#1-v1_5 standard, further enhancing the security of the communication.

5: Cross-Platform Compatibility

IP Messenger is available for multiple platforms, making it a versatile and accessible solution for LAN communication across various devices and operating systems. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that users can communicate seamlessly, regardless of their device or platform preferences.

In conclusion, IP Messenger (64-bit) is a powerful and feature-rich LAN messaging application that offers serverless message communication, fast file or folder transfer, image-embedded messages, desktop capture, and robust message encryption and security. With its cross-platform compatibility and user-friendly interface, IP Messenger is an ideal choice for secure and efficient communication within a Local Area Network.

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Updated onApril 8, 2020
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