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About Iridium

Iridium is an exhilarating 2D shoot 'em up that captures the essence of classic arcade games while infusing modern gameplay elements. Set in a vibrant and challenging environment, players are tasked with navigating through expansive levels teeming with colossal enemy ships. Drawing inspiration from iconic titles such as Uridium, Xenon 2, Nemesis, and R-Type, Iridium blends various game styles to create a unique and frenetic experience that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Features of Iridium

- Expansive Levels: Navigate through vast, detailed environments that push the boundaries of 2D shooters.

- Massive Enemy Ships: Face off against truly gigantic enemy vessels that dominate the screen and require strategic maneuvering to defeat.

- Hybrid Gameplay: Combines elements from classic shooters like Uridium and R-Type, offering a fresh take on the genre.

- Fast-Paced Action: Engage in frantic combat that demands quick reflexes and precise control.

- Visual and Audio Immersion: Enjoy a visually stunning game with a dynamic soundtrack that enhances the intense gameplay experience.

Release Date of Iridium

27 Aug, 2020

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on27 Aug, 2020
DeveloperJames Roberts