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About Ironsight

Ironsight is a thrilling online first-person shooter set in a near-future backdrop where resource warfare dominates the conflict between military forces and private military companies (PMCs). The game offers a robust arsenal of over 50 original weapons, each customizable to fit various tactical needs. Players engage in dynamic warfare using a variety of peripheral objects, tactical drones, and active objects to gain strategic advantages.

Features of Ironsight

- Diverse Weaponry: Featuring over 50 original weapons, each with customizable options to tailor to specific playstyles and strategies.

- Strategic Warfare: Utilize tactical drones and active objects to outmaneuver opponents and control the battlefield.

- Dynamic Gameplay: Experience intense and ever-changing combat scenarios through the use of peripheral objects and strategic elements.

Release Date of Ironsight

20 Jun, 2019

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on20 Jun, 2019
DeveloperWipleGames Inc.,
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