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Isonzo - Royal Units Pack For PC

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About Isonzo - Royal Units Pack

Isonzo - Royal Units Pack is an expansion for the base game Isonzo, a strategic World War I-themed game set in the Italian Front. This pack introduces new playable units from the Royal Army, enhancing the strategic depth and variety of the original game. Players can now command elite forces, each with unique abilities and historical accuracy, adding a fresh layer to the tactical challenges presented in Isonzo.

Features of Isonzo - Royal Units Pack

- New Playable Units: Introduces a variety of Royal Army units, each with distinct roles and capabilities.

- Enhanced Historical Accuracy: Features units that are meticulously researched to reflect their real-world counterparts from the Italian Front during World War I.

- Strategic Variety: Adds new tactical options and gameplay dynamics, allowing players to approach missions with a broader range of strategies.

Release Date of Isonzo - Royal Units Pack

5 Dec, 2022

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on5 Dec, 2022
DeveloperBlackMill Games
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