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About It Steals

It Steals is a thrilling stealth-based game where players must navigate through a series of challenging environments, constantly on guard against cunning adversaries who exploit the player's assumptions. The game combines elements of psychological horror with strategic stealth mechanics, creating a tense and unpredictable gaming experience.

Features of It Steals

- Stealth Mechanics: Players must use careful planning and quick thinking to avoid detection by the game's intelligent antagonists.

- Psychological Horror: The game delves into the player's psyche, creating a chilling atmosphere that keeps players on edge.

- Dynamic Environments: Levels are designed to be interactive and multifaceted, allowing for multiple strategies to achieve objectives.

- Intelligent Antagonists: The enemies in It Steals are not merely obstacles; they adapt to the player's actions, making each encounter unique.

Release Date of It Steals

22 Jul, 2020

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on22 Jul, 2020