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About Job Simulator

Job Simulator is a whimsical virtual reality game that transports players into a quirky, futuristic world where robots have taken over all human jobs. The game aims to recreate the experience of various mundane yet essential human occupations from the past, offering a humorous and interactive way to understand what it was like 'to job'. Set in an exaggerated, cartoon-like environment, Job Simulator invites players to step back in time and perform tasks such as cooking, fixing cars, or even managing a retail store, all while navigating through a series of comically designed challenges and scenarios.

Features of Job Simulator

- Virtual Reality Experience: Engage in immersive gameplay that leverages VR technology to provide a hands-on, interactive job simulation.

- Diverse Job Roles: Explore a variety of job roles including chef, office worker, auto mechanic, and convenience store clerk, each with unique tasks and objectives.

- Humorous and Light-hearted: Enjoy a game filled with humor and satire, designed to entertain and amuse rather than simulate real-world job pressures.

- Interactive Environment: Manipulate objects and tools in a detailed, responsive environment that reacts realistically to player actions.

- Creative Freedom: Encourage creativity and experimentation, allowing players to approach tasks in unconventional ways and discover unexpected outcomes.

Release Date of Job Simulator

5 Apr, 2016

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on5 Apr, 2016
DeveloperOwlchemy Labs
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