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About Journey To The Savage Planet

Journey To The Savage Planet is a vibrant and humorous first-person adventure game set in the expansive wilderness of ARY-26. Players take on the role of a newly recruited explorer for Kindred Aerospace, tasked with assessing the planet's viability for human colonization. Despite being ranked as the 4th best interstellar exploration company, Kindred Aerospace provides limited resources, adding a layer of challenge and improvisation to the player's journey. The game blends exploration, discovery, and a light-hearted narrative, making it a unique entry in the space exploration genre.

Features of Journey To The Savage Planet

- Humorous Narrative: The game features a comedic storyline and quirky characters, providing a refreshing break from more serious space exploration games.

- Exploration and Discovery: Players are encouraged to explore the diverse and colorful environments of ARY-26, discovering new species and resources.

- Resource Scarcity: Limited equipment and resources force players to think creatively and make the most out of their given tools.

- Co-op Mode: The game supports cooperative play, allowing friends to join in the adventure and tackle the challenges together.

Release Date of Journey To The Savage Planet

28 Jan, 2021

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on28 Jan, 2021
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