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About Jump King

Jump King is a challenging platforming game that tasks players with navigating a steep ascent in search of the mythical Smoking Hot Babe. The game is renowned for its high difficulty and the intense stakes involved; a single miscalculated jump can result in a significant fall, setting players back in their journey. This game demands precision, patience, and perseverance, making it a test of skill and determination for players.

Features of Jump King

- High-Stakes Platforming: Players must carefully plan each jump, as a single mistake can lead to a dramatic and punishing fall.

- Unique Ascent Mechanic: The game's ascent mechanic encourages strategic thinking and careful execution, as players aim to climb higher without falling.

- Engaging Narrative: The quest for the Smoking Hot Babe adds a layer of narrative intrigue, motivating players to overcome the game's challenges.

- Punishing Difficulty: Jump King is known for its unforgiving difficulty, which rewards patience and persistence in the face of repeated failures.

Release Date of Jump King

3 May, 2019

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on3 May, 2019
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