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About Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is a thrilling simulation game that immerses players in the iconic Jurassic franchise. Players are tasked with building and managing their own Jurassic World, bioengineering dinosaurs that exhibit intelligent behaviors, and navigating challenges such as espionage, dinosaur breakouts, and severe weather events. This game offers a deep, engaging experience for fans of the franchise and strategy game enthusiasts alike.

Features of Jurassic World Evolution

- Bioengineering Dinosaurs: Players can create unique dinosaur species with distinct behaviors and characteristics, enhancing the realism and diversity of their park.

- Dynamic Environment: The game world reacts to player decisions and external factors, including unpredictable tropical storms and dinosaur escapes, adding layers of complexity and excitement.

- Strategic Management: Effective park management is crucial, involving aspects like visitor satisfaction, research, and security to maintain a thriving Jurassic World.

- Espionage and Threats: Players must deal with external threats such as industrial espionage and sabotage, requiring strategic thinking and quick responses to ensure the park's safety and success.

Release Date of Jurassic World Evolution

12 Jun, 2018

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on12 Jun, 2018
DeveloperFrontier Developments
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