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About Jusant

Jusant is a meditative action-puzzle climbing game that invites players to scale an immeasurably tall tower. The game offers a serene experience as players ascend to new heights accompanied by a watery companion. Through mastering climbing tools and navigating diverse biomes, players unravel the tower's mysterious past.

Features of Jusant

- Meditative Gameplay: Engage in a calming yet challenging climbing experience that emphasizes patience and precision.

- Watery Companion: Interact with a unique companion that aids in your ascent and adds a layer of companionship to the journey.

- Diverse Biomes: Explore various environments within the tower, each presenting unique challenges and aesthetics.

- Climbing Tools: Utilize and master a variety of tools to overcome obstacles and reach greater heights.

- Mystery Unveiling: Piece together the history and secrets of the tower through exploration and discovery.

Release Date of Jusant

31 Oct, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on31 Oct, 2023
DeveloperDON'T NOD
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