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About Just Act Natural

Just Act Natural is an engaging online party game that challenges players to blend in with NPC characters to evade the seeker. This game offers a unique blend of strategy and social interaction, making it ideal for group play. Players compete against friends in multiple game modes spread across various rounds, aiming to be the ultimate survivor and crowned the winner.

Features of Just Act Natural

- Hand-Crafted Gameplay: Each session is meticulously designed to ensure a fresh and challenging experience for players.

- Variety of Game Modes: Offers a diverse set of modes to keep the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.

- Competitive Rounds: Players must strategize and adapt quickly across multiple rounds to outwit their opponents.

- Interactive NPCs: The NPC characters add depth to the hiding and seeking dynamics, enhancing the overall gameplay.

- Social Interaction: Perfect for parties, fostering teamwork and competitive spirit among friends.

Release Date of Just Act Natural

25 Mar, 2022

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on25 Mar, 2022
DeveloperConor Garity