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About Kero Blaster

Kero Blaster is a vibrant and action-packed side-scrolling shooter developed by Studio Pixel, the creators of the beloved Cave Story. In this game, players take on the role of an intrepid frog employee working for C&F Inc., a company responsible for maintaining teleporters. When these teleporters start malfunctioning across various locations, it falls on the player to navigate through challenging levels, battling an array of quirky enemies and bosses to restore functionality and uncover the underlying issues.

Features of Kero Blaster

- Dynamic Shooting Mechanics: Engage in fast-paced combat with a variety of weapons that can be upgraded to tackle increasingly difficult foes.

- Colorful Pixel Art: Enjoy a visually appealing experience with detailed, retro-inspired graphics that bring the game's world to life.

- Challenging Levels: Navigate through multiple stages, each with unique challenges and enemies, culminating in intense boss battles.

- Upgradable Abilities: Enhance your character's capabilities with power-ups and upgrades scattered throughout the levels.

Release Date of Kero Blaster

11 Nov, 2015

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on11 Nov, 2015
DeveloperStudio Pixel
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