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About Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense is a critically acclaimed game that falls under the tower defense genre. Players are tasked with defending their kingdom from waves of invading enemies by strategically placing and upgrading various types of towers. The game features a rich fantasy background with a variety of levels, each presenting unique challenges and enemies. Developed by Ironhide Game Studio, Kingdom Rush has garnered a loyal following due to its blend of strategy, humor, and addictive gameplay.

Features of Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense

- Strategic Tower Placement: Players must carefully decide where to place their towers to maximize effectiveness against incoming enemies.

- Diverse Tower Types: The game offers a range of towers, each with unique abilities and upgrade paths, allowing for customized strategies.

- Engaging Enemy Variety: Enemies come in various forms, each with different strengths and weaknesses, requiring players to adapt their defenses.

- Upgradeable Abilities: In addition to tower upgrades, players can enhance their hero characters and unlock special abilities to aid in defense.

- Charming Art Style: The game features a visually appealing art style that complements its humorous and engaging narrative.

- Challenging Levels: Each level presents increasing difficulty and unique scenarios, ensuring a fresh experience with every playthrough.

Release Date of Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense

6 Jan, 2014

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on6 Jan, 2014
DeveloperIronhide Game Studio
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