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About KOF XV Fighter Pass

KOF XV Fighter Pass is an expansion for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV, a renowned fighting game series known for its deep combat mechanics and iconic characters. This pass introduces additional fighters to the game, enhancing the roster and offering new strategic possibilities for players. It is designed for fans who wish to extend their experience beyond the base game, providing fresh content and challenges.

Features of KOF XV Fighter Pass

- Expanded Roster: Adds new characters to the game, each with unique fighting styles and stories.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Introduces new moves and combos, expanding the strategic depth of the game.

- Exclusive Content: Offers exclusive costumes and accessories for the new characters, adding a layer of customization.

Release Date of KOF XV Fighter Pass

16 Jan, 2023

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on16 Jan, 2023
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