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About KurtzPel

KurtzPel is an exhilarating anime-styled action battle game that offers players a dynamic third-person perspective. Set in a vibrant and action-packed world, the game allows players to engage in both Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvE) mission-based battles. With the unique Karmas system, players can choose from various weapon and class types, enhancing their combat capabilities and strategy. Each character is equipped with two types of Karmas, providing a versatile and customizable gameplay experience.

Features of KurtzPel

- Anime-Styled Aesthetics: KurtzPel boasts a visually striking anime-inspired art style that captivates players with its vibrant colors and detailed character designs.

- Dual Karma System: Players can select two types of Karmas, allowing for a mix-and-match approach to weaponry and class types, enhancing combat versatility and strategy.

- Diverse Battle Modes: Offering both PvP and PvE mission-based battle modes, KurtzPel provides a wide range of challenges, from intense player duels to epic battles against massive boss monsters.

- Third-Person Perspective: The game utilizes a third-person perspective, giving players a clear view of the action and enhancing the immersive experience of the battlegrounds.

Release Date of KurtzPel

30 Apr, 2019

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on30 Apr, 2019
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