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About Last Train Outta' Wormtown

Last Train Outta' Wormtown is an exhilarating multiplayer game that pits players against a giant sandworm in a wild west setting. The game combines elements of strategy and survival as players either work together as cowboys to complete objectives and escape the town, or take on the role of the sandworm, hunting down and devouring the cowboys. The unique twist lies in the sandworm's detection mechanism, which only senses players who touch the sand, adding a layer of tension and excitement to the gameplay.

Features of Last Train Outta' Wormtown

- Sandworm vs. Cowboys Showdown: Engage in a thrilling confrontation between the monstrous sandworm and the resourceful cowboys, each with their own unique abilities and strategies.

- Hot Lava Mechanic: The sandworm can only detect players when they touch the sand, creating a 'hot lava' scenario that forces players to think strategically about their movements.

- Cooperative Gameplay: Cowboys must work together to complete objectives and escape Wormtown, emphasizing teamwork and coordination.

- Versatile Roles: Players can choose to be either the cowboys trying to escape, or the sandworm aiming to eliminate the cowboys, providing a dynamic and replayable experience.

Release Date of Last Train Outta' Wormtown

20 Apr, 2023

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on20 Apr, 2023
DeveloperGet(Color) Games
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