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About Legend of Mana

Legend of Mana is a remastered edition of the classic role-playing game originally released in the late 90s. This HD version brings the enchanting world of Fa’Diel to modern platforms, allowing players to immerse themselves in a vibrant fantasy realm filled with memorable characters and challenging quests. The game is renowned for its unique approach to world-building and its rich narrative that unfolds through various interconnected stories.

Features of Legend of Mana

- Colorful Cast of Characters: Engage with a diverse and memorable group of characters, each with their own backstories and roles in the narrative.

- Unique Land Make System: Players can shape the World Map by strategically placing artifacts, creating a unique landscape that influences gameplay and story progression.

- Vibrant World of Fa’Diel: Explore a richly detailed and visually stunning world, filled with diverse environments and dynamic encounters with fearsome monsters.

Release Date of Legend of Mana

24 Jun, 2021

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on24 Jun, 2021
DeveloperSquare Enix
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