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About Linelight

Linelight is a captivating puzzle game that takes place within a minimalist world composed entirely of lines. Players navigate through this linear landscape, solving puzzles and progressing through levels by strategically moving along these lines. The game's aesthetic is both simple and striking, offering a serene yet challenging experience that is suitable for all ages.

Features of Linelight

- Minimalist Aesthetic: The game features a clean, elegant design with a world made solely of lines, creating a visually soothing yet engaging environment.

- Strategic Puzzles: Players must think critically as they navigate through the linear paths, solving puzzles that require careful planning and foresight.

- Relaxing Atmosphere: Despite its challenging puzzles, Linelight maintains a calm and tranquil atmosphere, making it a stress-free gaming experience.

- Intuitive Controls: The game offers simple, easy-to-learn controls that allow players to focus on the puzzles rather than the mechanics.

- Universal Appeal: With its straightforward design and gentle learning curve, Linelight is accessible and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

Release Date of Linelight

30 Jan, 2017

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on30 Jan, 2017
DeveloperMy Dog Zorro
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