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About Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady is an engaging online co-op survival horror game that plunges players into the tense atmosphere of a school environment. As the final exams approach, a group of friends hatch a daring plan to steal the test answers. The challenge lies in navigating the school premises, collecting all 10 pages of the test answers, and avoiding the relentless pursuit of the murderous Lunch Lady. This game combines elements of stealth, strategy, and horror, making it a thrilling experience for up to four players.

Features of Lunch Lady

- Multiplayer Co-op: Play with up to 3 friends online, enhancing the cooperative aspect and increasing the challenge.

- Stealth Mechanics: Utilize stealth to avoid detection by the Lunch Lady, adding a layer of tension and strategy.

- Horror Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a chilling school setting where the fear of being caught is ever-present.

- Collectible Pages: Strategically search for all 10 pages of the test answers, each location adding to the complexity of the game.

- Dynamic AI: The Lunch Lady's unpredictable behavior keeps players on their toes, ensuring no two games are the same.

Release Date of Lunch Lady

15 Apr, 2021

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on15 Apr, 2021
DeveloperManic Mice
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