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About MagicISO Maker

MagicISO Maker is a versatile software solution that combines CD/DVD-image-file editing, CD/DVD burning, and CD/DVD backup capabilities. With its wide range of features and support for various image formats, MagicISO Maker is an essential tool for users who need to manage and manipulate CD and DVD images.

Key Feature
1: Create, Edit, Extract, and Burn ISO Files

MagicISO Maker allows users to directly create, edit, extract, and burn ISO files, providing an all-in-one solution for managing CD and DVD image files. This feature simplifies the process of working with ISO files, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

2: Support for Multiple Image Formats

MagicISO Maker can convert almost all CD and DVD image formats to ISO and BIN/CUE, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of image files. This extensive format support makes it easy for users to work with various types of CD and DVD images.

3: Bootable CD and DVD Image Creation

The software supports the creation of bootable CD and DVD image files, as well as the loading of boot-image files exported by WinISO. Additionally, MagicISO Maker includes a bootable setup wizard that allows users to create multi-bootable CD and DVD image files.

4: Advanced Burning and Mounting Options

MagicISO Maker enables users to burn ISO files and other CD and DVD image files to CD-R/RW, DVD-/+R/RW, and DVD-/+R DL. It also offers the ability to create virtual CD/DVD-ROMs and mount CD/DVD images as virtual CD/DVD drives, providing users with flexible options for working with image files.

5: Additional Features and Format Support

MagicISO Maker supports various additional features and formats, including the creation and continuation of multisession DVD+R DL, compression and encryption of ISO images, and the ability to create, open, edit, extract, and burn Apple HFS and Apple HFS+ disk images. It also supports DMG disk images and can open, extract, and convert GBI files and Blu-Ray ISO files.

In conclusion, MagicISO Maker is a powerful and feature-rich software solution for managing CD and DVD image files. With its ability to create, edit, extract, and burn ISO files, support for multiple image formats, bootable CD and DVD image creation, advanced burning and mounting options, and additional features and format support, MagicISO Maker is an invaluable tool for users working with CD and DVD images.

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Updated onFebruary 22, 2010
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MagicISO Maker5.5 build 281
February 22, 2010
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5.5 build 281
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