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About Maxthon Portable

Maxthon Portable is a versatile tabbed web browser that uses Internet Explorer's graphic engine to render pages while enhancing and extending many of Microsoft's application features. With its unique capabilities and user-friendly interface, Maxthon Portable offers an exceptional browsing experience. Here are the key features that make Maxthon Portable stand out:

Key Feature

1. Advanced Browsing Features
Maxthon Portable offers a range of advanced browsing features, including mouse gesture commands, Maxthon Smart Acceleration for faster page display, and Ad Hunter for eliminating annoying banners. These features provide a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

2. URL Alias Functionality
With Maxthon Portable, remembering URLs is no longer a problem, as the browser allows users to create URL aliases. Users can assign custom nicknames to webpages, making it easier to access their favorite sites without having to remember lengthy URLs.

3. Magic Fill for Autofill
Maxthon Portable includes an autocomplete tool called Magic Fill, which can recognize and fill out almost all form fields. This feature saves users time and effort when completing online forms.

4. Integrated RSS Reader
Maxthon Portable comes with a built-in RSS reader, allowing users to stay updated with their favorite news and content without the need for additional applications.

5. Antifreeze Technology and Additional Features
Maxthon Portable has been developed using antifreeze technology, ensuring smooth browsing even when AJAX code or JavaScript is being executed. Other notable features include screenshot capabilities, Super Drag & Drop, and an online favorites service.

6. Elegant Interface and Cloud Services
In addition to its sleek new interface, Maxthon Portable incorporates a cloud service called Maxthon Passport, enabling users to sync multiple devices and link to the downloads manager for uploading downloaded files. The new sidebar also includes the RSS reader and a notepad, providing users with a comprehensive and convenient browsing experience in a single app.

In conclusion, Maxthon Portable is a powerful and feature-rich web browser that offers users an exceptional browsing experience. With its advanced browsing features, URL alias functionality, Magic Fill, integrated RSS reader, antifreeze technology, and elegant interface with cloud services, Maxthon Portable is an excellent choice for users seeking a convenient and versatile web browsing solution.

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated onMay 9, 2024

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