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About MB Janam Kundali

MB Janam Kundali is a specialized software designed for those acquainted with Vedic astrology. By calculating the positions of planets at the user's time of birth, this program generates birth charts in various styles. While it lacks explanations for Vedic astrology beginners, experienced users can find value in this software.

Key Features

1.Accurate Birth Chart Calculation
MB Janam Kundali accurately calculates the positions of planets at the time of user's birth. The resulting birth charts are formatted in North, South, or East Indian styles, providing users with detailed information about the planetary alignment at their birth moment. This feature assists experienced users in analyzing and interpreting the astrological significance of their birth charts.

2.User-Friendly Interface
Although the program's initial screen may appear cluttered, the interface becomes more user-friendly as users progress. The interface offers simple boxes to enter the relevant birth information, enabling users to input their details efficiently. The program also provides the option to find the latitude and longitude of the birthplace, although this feature redirects users to a Google results page where they need to manually search and enter the information.

3.Clean and Readable Results
MB Janam Kundali presents the generated birth charts in a clean and easy-to-read format. This organized presentation allows users to grasp the information within the charts quickly. Additionally, users who purchase the program can save the charts as JPEG files for easy sharing or future reference.

4.Additional Resources Recommendation
The results page of MB Janam Kundali suggests visiting a free astrology message board for chart analysis. While this suggestion might be helpful to users seeking further interpretation of their birth charts, it is worth noting that the suggested message board may contain advertisements and clutter, which can detract from the user experience.

While MB Janam Kundali effectively performs its intended function, novice astrologers may face challenges in interpreting the results without additional resources. The program's interface could benefit from a cleaner and more intuitive design. However, for those familiar with Vedic astrology, MB Janam Kundali provides a useful tool for generating accurate birth charts.

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Updated onFebruary 27, 2011
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