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About MechWarrior Online™ Legends

MechWarrior Online™ Legends is an immersive tactical online shooter that plunges players into the expansive BattleTech Universe. Players assume the role of elite MechWarriors, commanding and piloting a variety of powerful BattleMechs across intense combat scenarios. The game is set in the Inner Sphere, a region of space where various factions vie for dominance, making every battle a strategic challenge for supremacy.

Features of MechWarrior Online™ Legends

- Tactical Gameplay: Engage in deep, strategic combat where positioning, timing, and equipment choices are crucial to victory.

- Diverse Mech Selection: Pilot a wide array of BattleMechs, each with unique capabilities and customization options to suit different playstyles.

- Expansive Universe: Experience the rich lore of the BattleTech Universe, with battles taking place across iconic locations within the Inner Sphere.

- Online Multiplayer: Compete against other players in dynamic online matches, fostering a community of competitive and cooperative gameplay.

Release Date of MechWarrior Online™ Legends

10 Dec, 2015

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on10 Dec, 2015
DeveloperPiranha Games Inc.