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About Medic Savior Skin Pack

Medic Savior Skin Pack is a cosmetic DLC for the multiplayer shooter game Evolve Stage 2, available on Steam. Evolve Stage 2 is a cooperative and competitive game where four players control hunters and one player controls a monster. The Medic Savior Skin Pack introduces a new skin for the Medic class, enhancing the visual appearance of the character while maintaining the core gameplay mechanics.

Features of Medic Savior Skin Pack

- Exclusive Skin Design: Offers a unique and visually appealing skin for the Medic class, distinguishing the character on the battlefield.

- Enhanced Visuals: Provides a fresh look to the game, potentially improving the overall aesthetic experience for players.

- Complimentary to Core Gameplay: Does not alter the gameplay mechanics, ensuring that the focus remains on strategic and cooperative play.

Release Date of Medic Savior Skin Pack

10 Feb, 2015

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on10 Feb, 2015
DeveloperTurtle Rock Studios
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