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About Melon Simulator™

Melon Simulator™ is an uproarious and engaging first-person melee combat game designed for cooperative play with up to four players. Set in a whimsical world where melons are the relentless enemy, the game encourages players to utilize any loose object in their environment as a weapon to fend off the relentless melon onslaught. With its chaotic gameplay and emphasis on teamwork, Melon Simulator™ offers a unique and humorous take on the cooperative gaming experience.

Features of Melon Simulator™

- Chaotic Co-op Play: Engage in frenetic battles alongside friends or online players in a cooperative mode that supports up to four players.

- Versatile Weaponry: Almost any object in the environment can be wielded to slice, whack, or throw at the melon enemies, providing a dynamic and ever-changing combat experience.

- Humorous Theme: The game's quirky premise and light-hearted approach to combat against melons create a fun and entertaining atmosphere that is sure to bring laughter and enjoyment.

- First-Person Perspective: Experience the action up close and personal with the immersive first-person view, enhancing the intensity and immediacy of the combat encounters.

Release Date of Melon Simulator™

1 Jan, 2017

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on1 Jan, 2017
DeveloperDelirious & Co.