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About MemoriesOnTV

MemoriesOnTV is a user-friendly software designed to help users create stunning DVD slideshows packed with special effects. The software simplifies the process of importing images and music, adding effects, and creating DVD menus, making it easy for users to create eye-catching slideshows that can be played on almost any DVD player.

Key Feature
1: Divided Task Screens

MemoriesOnTV divides each task, such as importing images and music, adding effects, and creating DVD menus, into separate screens. This organized approach makes the authoring process more manageable and allows users to focus on each aspect of the slideshow creation without feeling overwhelmed.

2: Timeline View and Transition Effects

The software features a timeline view that unifies the different aspects of the authoring process, allowing users to instantly set transition effects and preview how their slide show will run. This feature ensures smooth transitions between images and scenes, resulting in a professional-looking slideshow.

3: Time-Saving Tools

MemoriesOnTV offers cleverly-presented time-saving tools, such as image- and scene-transition editors, which are available as needed during the slideshow creation process. These tools help users efficiently create visually appealing slideshows without spending excessive time on editing.

4: ClipShows for Additional Effects

For an additional cost, users can download slide shows called ClipShows, which come with built-in transition effects. By simply replacing the sample images with their own, users can create personalized slideshows with professionally-designed effects.

5: Limited Customization for DVD Menus

While customization for DVD menus is somewhat limited, allowing little more than control over background and placement of buttons, the end results are still impressive. Despite this minor shortcoming, users can create eye-catching slideshows that will run on nearly any DVD player with just a few minutes of work.

In conclusion, MemoriesOnTV is an intuitive and efficient software that enables users to create captivating DVD slideshows with special effects. With its divided task screens, timeline view, time-saving tools, and optional ClipShows, MemoriesOnTV makes it easy for users to produce professional-looking slideshows that can be enjoyed on a wide range of DVD players.

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Updated onOctober 23, 2009
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