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About Mini Healer

Mini Healer is an engaging single-player RPG that immerses players in the role of a healer within a raid setting. Inspired by both ARPGs and MMOs, the game offers a unique blend of strategic healing and deep character customization. Players will navigate through intense boss fights, manage their party effectively, and collect a variety of powerful items to tailor their gameplay experience.

Features of Mini Healer

- Healing Simulator: Engage in strategic healing scenarios where your decisions directly impact the survival of your party during challenging boss fights.

- Deep Character Customization: Enjoy extensive options for personalizing your healer and party members, from skills and abilities to gear and appearance.

- MMO-Inspired Boss Fights: Experience dynamic and challenging boss encounters that draw inspiration from popular MMOs, requiring careful planning and execution.

- Item Acquisition: Hunt for powerful items that enhance your abilities and strategies, adding a layer of depth to the game's progression.

- Raid Manager: Act as both healer and strategist, managing your party's positioning and tactics to overcome difficult encounters.

Release Date of Mini Healer

24 Apr, 2020

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on24 Apr, 2020
DeveloperSad Doge
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