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About Mirror of Heaven

Mirror of Heaven is a captivating game set in a mystical world where the Qi has awakened demons, causing chaos. Players navigate through ancient realms using the mystical 'Kunlun Mirror,' embarking on a profound journey of cultivation and ascension to godhood. This game combines elements of adventure and RPG, immersing players in a rich narrative filled with challenges and spiritual growth.

Features of Mirror of Heaven

- Mystical Journey: Players traverse various ancient realms, each with unique challenges and landscapes, guided by the power of the Kunlun Mirror.

- Cultivation System: A deep and engaging system where players cultivate their Qi to ascend to godhood, enhancing abilities and unlocking new powers.

- Dynamic Storyline: The narrative is rich and dynamic, influenced by player decisions and actions, leading to multiple possible outcomes and endings.

- Mythical Creatures: Encounter and interact with a variety of mythical creatures and demons, each with their own lore and significance in the game world.

Release Date of Mirror of Heaven

1 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on1 Jun, 2024
DeveloperEnjoyPlay Ltd
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