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About Moonlighter: Between Dimensions

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions is an expansion pack for the base game Moonlighter, a rogue-lite action RPG developed by Digital Sun. In this expansion, players continue the journey of Will, the shopkeeper-turned-adventurer, as he explores new dimensions filled with unique enemies, challenging bosses, and valuable treasures. The expansion builds on the original game's mechanics of managing a shop and venturing into dungeons, adding new layers of depth and excitement.

Features of Moonlighter: Between Dimensions

- New Dimensions: Explore four additional dimensions, each with its own distinct environments and enemies.

- Enhanced Combat: Experience improved combat mechanics and new abilities to help tackle tougher challenges.

- Expanded Inventory: Manage a larger inventory with new items and equipment to aid in both shop management and dungeon exploration.

- New Story Elements: Delve deeper into the lore of Moonlighter with new narrative threads and character interactions.

Release Date of Moonlighter: Between Dimensions

23 Jul, 2019

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on23 Jul, 2019
DeveloperDigital Sun
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