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MORDHAU - Archduke Set For PC

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About MORDHAU - Archduke Set

MORDHAU - Archduke Set is an expansion content for the base game MORDHAU, a multiplayer medieval combat game available on Steam. This set introduces a new, prestigious collection of armor and weapons themed around the Archduke, adding a layer of nobility and grandeur to the player's in-game persona. Designed for those who have already delved into the intense battles and strategic combat of MORDHAU, the Archduke Set offers a fresh aesthetic and potentially new gameplay dynamics for seasoned players.

Features of MORDHAU - Archduke Set

- Noble Aesthetics: Features a regal armor set and noble weapons that enhance the visual appeal of your character.

- Strategic Advantage: The new equipment may offer slight gameplay advantages or unique interactions in combat scenarios.

- Enhanced Immersion: Integrates seamlessly with the existing MORDHAU universe, providing a more immersive medieval experience.

Release Date of MORDHAU - Archduke Set

17 Oct, 2023

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on17 Oct, 2023
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