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About MORDHAU - Lion Set

MORDHAU - Lion Set is a downloadable content pack for the base game MORDHAU, a multiplayer medieval combat game available on Steam. This set introduces a themed collection of armor, weapons, and cosmetic items inspired by the majestic and fierce lion, enhancing the player's customization options and immersion in the gritty, realistic combat environment of MORDHAU.

Features of MORDHAU - Lion Set

- Themed Armor Set: A complete set of lion-themed armor that includes helmet, chest piece, gauntlets, and boots, designed to give players a unique and intimidating appearance on the battlefield.

- Exclusive Weapons: Features a selection of weapons adorned with lion motifs, such as a lion-headed mace and a sword with a lion-themed hilt, adding both aesthetic and thematic value to the player's arsenal.

- Cosmetic Enhancements: Includes various cosmetic items like lion-themed banners and shields, allowing players to further personalize their in-game identity and allegiance.

- Enhanced Customization: Offers additional customization options that complement the base game's extensive character creation tools, enabling players to create a truly unique warrior.

Release Date of MORDHAU - Lion Set

21 Dec, 2021

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on21 Dec, 2021
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