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About Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade is a unique sandbox action RPG set in the medieval land of Calradia. Players can embark on a journey as an unknown stranger and rise through the ranks to become a renowned warrior. The game offers a free-form sandbox experience where players can explore, engage in battles, and build their reputation through various means. The rich background of a war-torn land provides a dynamic and immersive setting for players to carve out their own story.

Features of Mount & Blade

- Dynamic Sandbox Environment: Players have the freedom to explore Calradia at their own pace, engaging in battles, forming alliances, and building their own kingdom.

- Intense Combat System: The game features a realistic and tactical combat system that requires players to master different weapons and strategies to survive in the harsh world of Calradia.

- Character Development: Players can customize their character's skills and attributes, allowing for a personalized experience as they progress through the game.

- Strategic Kingdom Management: Beyond individual combat, players can also engage in diplomacy, trade, and manage their own fiefdoms, adding a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay.

Release Date of Mount & Blade

16 Sep, 2008

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on16 Sep, 2008
DeveloperTaleWorlds Entertainment
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