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About Moving Out - Movers in Paradise

Moving Out - Movers in Paradise is an expansion pack for the base game Moving Out, a physics-based moving simulator that combines chaotic fun with teamwork challenges. This DLC transports players to a tropical paradise where they must navigate new levels and obstacles, all while maintaining the core gameplay mechanics of the original title. The expansion introduces a fresh set of challenges and environments, offering a new dimension to the already entertaining moving experience.

Features of Moving Out - Movers in Paradise

- Tropical Environments: Explore a variety of new tropical settings, each with unique challenges and moving scenarios.

- Enhanced Physics: Experience updated physics mechanics that add a new layer of complexity to furniture handling and level navigation.

- New Characters: Meet and play as new characters, each with their own special abilities that can aid in the moving process.

- Expanded Storyline: Dive deeper into the world of Moving Out with an extended storyline that ties into the paradise theme.

- Multiplayer Fun: Continue the tradition of cooperative play, allowing up to four players to work together in chaotic harmony.

Release Date of Moving Out - Movers in Paradise

25 Feb, 2021

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on25 Feb, 2021
DeveloperSMG Studio
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