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About MSN

This year, get ready for an outstanding online event - the launch of the new MSN Internet Service. This is the Web experience you've been longing for, designed exclusively to redefine the internet's utility. Developed by Microsoft, MSN brings you an unparalleled online adventure for greater convenience and productivity.

Key Feature

1. Advanced Junk Mail Filter
The MSN Internet Service includes an intelligent junk mail filter, designed to protect your inbox from unnecessary and potentially harmful emails. This feature uses advanced algorithms and heuristic detection methods to safeguard your inbox, letting you focus on the emails that matter.

2. Comprehensive Parental Controls
Fully aware of the need to provide a safe online environment for young users, MSN incorporates robust parental controls. This feature allows responsible adults to manage access to content, ensuring only age-appropriate material is accessible. These controls can restrict specific websites, limit online time, and even monitor activity, providing parents and guardians peace of mind.

3. Auto Email Virus Protection
Understanding the destructive potential of email-based viruses, MSN presents an automatic e-mail virus protection service. This exclusive feature scrutinizes every email for potential threats, ensuring your computer's safety and data integrity are never compromised.

4. Convenient Switching Tools
The process of email and contact migration between Internet service providers can often be a daunting task. MSN simplifies this process with easy-to-use switching tools. These tools make the transition smooth by transferring your emails and contacts from another service provider effortlessly.

5. Personalized Browser Experience
At the heart of MSN is an easy-to-use browser, meticulously designed to provide you with the best online experience available. The browser is highly customizable, permitting users to modify settings to suit their preferences and browsing habits, consequently enhancing navigation efficiency.

MSN sets an unprecedented standard for Internet service, encapsulating the quality of innovation typical of Microsoft while offering unique tools and features not available elsewhere. In a nutshell, MSN is the online solution, combining personalized services and groundbreaking features to make the Web more productive and enjoyable than ever before.

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