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About Mud and Blood

Mud and Blood is a revival of a cult classic flash strategy game, now thrusting players into the offensive role during World War 2. This game challenges players to command a small squad of soldiers in a brutal, real-time strategy setting. The battlefield is procedural and unforgiving, offering a unique challenge with each playthrough.

Features of Mud and Blood

- Real-Time Strategy: Engage in dynamic, real-time combat where quick decisions and strategic planning are crucial.

- Procedural Battlefield: Experience a new challenge with each game session as the battlefield layout and enemy placements are procedurally generated.

- Command a Squad: Manage and command a diverse squad of soldiers, each with their own skills and roles, requiring tactical deployment and management.

- World War 2 Setting: Immerse yourself in the gritty and realistic setting of World War 2, adding historical depth and context to the strategic gameplay.

Release Date of Mud and Blood

30 Nov, 2021

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on30 Nov, 2021