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About n-Track Studio (32 bit)

n-Track Studio is a powerful audio and MIDI multitrack recorder that transforms your computer into a comprehensive recording studio. With support for an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, simultaneous recording from multiple soundcards, real-time audio effects, and compatibility with various plug-ins, n-Track Studio offers a professional-grade recording and editing solution.

Key Feature

1.Unlimited Audio and MIDI Tracks
One of the key features of n-Track Studio is its ability to record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks. This allows you to create complex and layered compositions without restrictions, giving you the freedom to experiment and bring your musical ideas to life.

2.Real-time Audio Effects
The program offers a range of built-in real-time audio effects that can be applied non-destructively to each track. These effects include Reverb, Multiband Compression, Chorus, Delay, Pitch Shift, Graphic and Parametric EQ, and a spectrum analyzer. The real-time processing capabilities enhance the sound quality and allows for creative sound manipulation during the recording and playback process.

3.Support for Third-Party Plug-ins
n-Track Studio supports third-party VST, AU, DirectX, and ReWire plug-ins, allowing you to expand the program's functionality with additional effects and instruments. These plug-ins can be used in real-time to process audio signals, providing a vast array of options to shape and enhance your sound. The ability to utilize external plug-ins adds versatility and flexibility to the recording and editing process.

4.MIDI Editing and Instrument Plug-ins
With n-Track Studio, MIDI functionality is seamlessly integrated. MIDI tracks can be imported and exported as regular MIDI files, and the built-in piano-roll based MIDI editing window enables precise editing of MIDI data. The program also supports VSTi, AUi, and DXi instrument plug-ins for accurate software MIDI playback, allowing you to incorporate virtual instruments into your compositions.

5.Mixing and Exporting
Once all the tracks have been recorded and edited, n-Track Studio offers comprehensive mixing capabilities. You can program volume and pan evolution by drawing on the timeline window, giving you full control over the placement and dynamics of each track. The program allows you to mix down the final song to CD or create an mp3 version using the built-in mp3 encoder for distribution through the Internet.

In addition to the 32-bit version, n-Track Studio also offers a native 64-bit version, which takes full advantage of 64-bit processing on compatible versions of Windows. The 64-bit version supports 32-bit plug-ins via the 32 to 64-bit bridge module, further expanding the program's compatibility and capabilities.

In summary, n-Track Studio is a feature-rich audio and MIDI multitrack recorder that provides everything you need to create professional-grade recordings. With its support for unlimited tracks, real-time audio effects, compatibility with third-party plug-ins, versatile MIDI editing, and comprehensive mixing and exporting capabilities, n-Track Studio offers a powerful and flexible recording solution for musicians and producers.

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Updated onJuly 10, 2015
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n-Track Studio (32 bit) icon
n-Track Studio (32 bit) for PC
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7.1.2 build 3278
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