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About Need for Speed™ Unbound

Need for Speed™ Unbound is the latest installment in the long-running racing franchise, known for its high-octane street racing and intense cop chases. Set in a vibrant, open-world environment, players compete in weekly qualifiers to secure a spot in The Grand, the ultimate street race. The game emphasizes customization and personalization, allowing players to build and modify their dream cars to dominate the streets.

Features of Need for Speed™ Unbound

- Dynamic Street Racing: Engage in adrenaline-pumping races while outsmarting the cops to secure your position at the top.

- Custom Ride Garage: Pack your garage with precision-tuned, custom rides, each tailored to your racing style and preferences.

- Weekly Qualifiers: Compete in weekly events to earn your place in The Grand, the pinnacle of street racing competitions.

- Stylish Customization: Light up the streets with your unique style, from custom paint jobs to performance upgrades, making your car stand out in the crowd.

Release Date of Need for Speed™ Unbound

1 Dec, 2022

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on1 Dec, 2022
DeveloperCriterion Games
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