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About Nekokami - The Human Restoration Project

Nekokami - The Human Restoration Project is a unique world-building simulation game set in a far-future universe where cats have taken the reins of power. Players are tasked with creating serene and harmonious worlds, interacting with whimsical nature spirits, and managing the restoration of a long-extinct human race. This game combines elements of strategy, management, and fantasy, offering a whimsical yet thought-provoking experience as players navigate the challenges of a world under feline governance.

Features of Nekokami - The Human Restoration Project

- World-Building: Architect and design peaceful, beautiful worlds tailored to the needs of both the cat rulers and the restored human population.

- Spirit Interaction: Engage with a diverse array of whimsical nature spirits, each with their own unique traits and interactions that can influence the world.

- Human Restoration: Strategically manage and restore the extinct human race, balancing their needs and growth with the overarching cat-ruled society.

- Cat Governance: Experience a unique twist on governance as cats, known for their independent and sometimes unpredictable nature, guide the direction of the universe.

- Epic Storytelling: Dive into a rich narrative filled with unexpected twists and turns, exploring themes of power, coexistence, and the delicate balance of nature.

Release Date of Nekokami - The Human Restoration Project

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Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


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LanguagesEnglish,Japanese,Simplified Chinese