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About Neon Abyss - Chrono Trap

Neon Abyss - Chrono Trap is an expansion for the base game Neon Abyss, a fast-paced, action-packed roguelike set in a chaotic underworld. This DLC introduces a new game mode called the Chrono Trap, which allows players to manipulate time and explore new gameplay mechanics within the Neon Abyss universe. Players will delve deeper into the abyss, facing new challenges and uncovering secrets as they navigate through this time-bending adventure.

Features of Neon Abyss - Chrono Trap

- Time Manipulation: Engage with new gameplay mechanics that allow you to control and manipulate time, adding a strategic layer to your runs.

- New Challenges: Face enhanced difficulties and unique enemies designed specifically for the Chrono Trap mode, providing a fresh experience for seasoned players.

- Exclusive Rewards: Earn special items and abilities that are exclusive to the Chrono Trap, enhancing your character's capabilities and offering new ways to tackle the abyss.

- Enhanced Replayability: The introduction of time manipulation and new challenges significantly increases the replay value, encouraging players to master the new mechanics and achieve higher scores.

Release Date of Neon Abyss - Chrono Trap

27 Jan, 2022

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on27 Jan, 2022
DeveloperVeewo Games
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