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About NetInfo

NetInfo is a powerful software that offers 15 state-of-the-art network tools on a single, user-friendly interface. Developed with firsthand experience, NetInfo empowers businesses to effectively address network downtime issues by enabling network administrators, webmasters, and internet service providers to identify faults, simplify diagnostics, and enhance internal network security.

Key Features

1.Comprehensive Network Analysis
NetInfo's collection of tools allows users to analyze their network connection and various aspects of the internet to identify potential delays or bottlenecks. By providing in-depth insights into network performance, users can isolate and address issues that impede internet or intranet browsing, ensuring enhanced user experience and optimized network efficiency.

2.Efficient Fault Isolation and Diagnostic Data Processing
With NetInfo, network administrators and webmasters can more accurately isolate faults within their network infrastructure. The software simplifies the processing of diagnostic data, enabling quick identification and troubleshooting of network issues. This feature assists in minimizing network downtime and ensuring smooth operations.

3.Increased Internal Network Security
NetInfo contributes to improving internal network security by providing tools to analyze and monitor network activity. With features such as Scanner, Services, and E-mail, users can identify potential security vulnerabilities, track network services, and analyze email-related issues. By addressing these areas, NetInfo helps businesses strengthen their internal network security and mitigate potential threats.

NetInfo offers an array of essential tools, including Local Info, Connections, Ping, Trace, Lookup, Finger, Whois, Daytime, Time, Quote, HTML, Scanner, Services, E-mail, and Web Center. These tools cater to the diverse needs of network administrators and webmasters, allowing them to efficiently manage network operations and troubleshoot issues.

Whether you are a network administrator, a webmaster, or an internet service provider, NetInfo equips you with the tools to analyze, diagnose, and address network-related problems effectively. By providing a comprehensive suite of network tools and an intuitive interface, NetInfo helps users enhance network performance, optimize troubleshooting processes, and strengthen internal network security.

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Updated onNovember 23, 2015
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Operating systemWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7

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How to download and Install NetInfo on Windows PC

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