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About Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator is a web browser that combines a Firefox foundation with innovative sidebar features and a strong connection to the social-networking and news site. The result is a browser with unique features that cater to both enthusiasts and general users seeking a fresh browsing experience.

Key Feature
1: Integration with

Netscape Navigator is deeply connected to, making it easy for users to share and engage with content on the platform. The Share button within the address bar allows users to quickly submit content from a webpage to, while already-posted articles display Vote and Discuss icons for easy interaction.

2: Sidebar Innovations

The browser features a range of sidebar options, including some that are specifically tailored to users. Netscape Friends' Activity displays your friends' recent activities, Netscape Tracker monitors site updates, and Netscape News focuses on news posts. For users, the Mini-Browser sidebar offers a handy way to view two tabs simultaneously, while the Link Pad serves as a savable URL notepad for easy access to frequently visited websites.

3: Compatibility with Firefox Extensions

Netscape Navigator is compatible with Firefox 2 extensions, allowing users to customize and enhance their browsing experience with a wide range of add-ons and plugins.

4: Streamlined Features

Many of the bundled features from version 8 have been removed, including IE mode, integrated AOL IM, RSS reader, form filler, and security suite. However, the compatibility with Firefox extensions and the addition of the Link Pad more than compensate for these losses, resulting in a more focused and efficient browsing experience.

5: Customizable Toolbar Icons

All sidebar features in Netscape Navigator come with toolbar icons that can be easily added or removed according to user preferences, providing a personalized browsing experience tailored to individual needs.

In conclusion, Netscape Navigator offers a unique browsing experience with its integration with, innovative sidebar features, compatibility with Firefox extensions, and customizable toolbar icons. These features make it an attractive option for users seeking a fresh and dynamic web browser, whether as a primary or backup choice.

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Updated onFebruary 21, 2008
DeveloperNetscape Communications
Operating systemPentium 233MHz Processor;64MB RAM;50MB HDD space

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Netscape Navigator9.0.0.6
February 21, 2008
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