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About New Tales from the Borderlands

New Tales from the Borderlands is an interactive narrative adventure game set in the chaotic and whimsical universe of the Borderlands series. Players are immersed in a story that revolves around three central characters: Anu, an altruistic scientist with a vision for a better future; Octavio, her ambitious and streetwise brother; and Fran, a fierce frogurt-slinging entrepreneur. The game unfolds through five thrilling chapters, each offering a blend of decision-making, strategy, and narrative depth.

Features of New Tales from the Borderlands

- Character-Driven Storytelling: Engage with a rich narrative that allows players to shape the destinies of Anu, Octavio, and Fran through their choices and actions.

- Interactive Decision Making: Make impactful decisions that influence the plot and character relationships, enhancing replayability and personal investment in the story.

- Dynamic Chapter Structure: Experience a series of interconnected chapters that build upon each other, creating a cohesive and engaging narrative arc.

- Humorous and Whimsical Setting: Delve into the quirky and unpredictable world of Borderlands, filled with humor, unique characters, and unexpected twists.

Release Date of New Tales from the Borderlands

20 Oct, 2022

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on20 Oct, 2022
DeveloperGearbox Software
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