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About Newsbin Pro

Newsbin Pro is a powerful and efficient multithreaded news robot designed for downloading and decoding binary posts from Usenet newsgroups. With its advanced features, it maximizes the use of high bandwidth internet connections and provides a seamless experience for users.

Key Features

1.High-Speed Downloads
Newsbin Pro takes advantage of high bandwidth internet connections by allowing multiple simultaneous connections to news servers, with or without SSL. This ensures fast and efficient downloading of binary posts from Usenet newsgroups.

2.Multi-Server Support and Re-assembly
The software can connect to multiple news servers simultaneously, allowing for efficient download management across different servers. It also has the capability to re-assemble multi-part posts that are spread across multiple servers, providing a seamless experience for users.

3.Integrated Thumbnail Viewer
When downloading images, Newsbin Pro includes an integrated thumbnail viewer. This feature allows users to preview images without the need to open them separately, saving time and effort in managing downloaded content.

4.AutoPAR and Repair Capabilities
Newsbin Pro features an AutoPAR function that automatically processes RAR files, including correcting or replacing damaged or missing files in a set when PAR2 files are available. This ensures that downloaded content is complete and usable without any errors.

5.Advanced Configuration and Filtering Options
Newsbin Pro offers advanced newsgroup organization and configuration options. It supports regular expression parsing for complex filtering capabilities based on subjects or filenames. Users can also implement file size filtering and set limits on crossposting, providing greater control over the downloaded content.

6.Integrated Usenet Search Service
Newsbin Pro includes an optional Usenet search service integrated within the program. This feature allows users to easily search for specific content within Usenet newsgroups without the need for separate search tools.

In conclusion, Newsbin Pro is a feature-rich news robot that excels in downloading and decoding binary posts from Usenet newsgroups. With its high-speed downloads, multi-server support, re-assembly capabilities, integrated thumbnail viewer, AutoPAR function, advanced configuration options, and integrated Usenet search service, Newsbin Pro offers a comprehensive solution for managing and downloading content from Usenet.

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Updated onJuly 22, 2015
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