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About Nightingale - Digital Art Book

Nightingale - Digital Art Book is a digital art collection that serves as a visual companion to the game Nightingale. This art book delves into the rich and intricate world of Nightingale, offering fans and art enthusiasts a detailed look at the game's design process, character concepts, and stunning environmental art. It is a must-have for anyone interested in the artistic side of game development and the fantasy genre.

Features of Nightingale - Digital Art Book

- High-Quality Artworks: A collection of meticulously crafted digital artworks that capture the essence of Nightingale's world.

- Detailed Character Designs: In-depth looks at the character concepts and development, providing insights into the creative process behind the game's protagonists and antagonists.

- Stunning Environmental Art: Showcases the breathtaking landscapes and environments of Nightingale, highlighting the artistic vision behind the game's settings.

Release Date of Nightingale - Digital Art Book

20 Feb, 2024

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on20 Feb, 2024
DeveloperInflexion Games