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About Nine Sols

Nine Sols is a captivating 2D action-platformer that transports players into a richly detailed world of eastern fantasy. The game is set in a land once inhabited by an ancient alien race, now ruled by the formidable 9 Sols. Players take on the role of a vengeful hero on a quest to defeat these rulers, exploring intricate landscapes and engaging in Sekiro-inspired combat that emphasizes deflection and strategic combat tactics.

Features of Nine Sols

- Lore-Rich Narrative: Dive into a deeply woven story that blends elements of eastern fantasy with ancient alien lore, providing a rich backdrop for the hero's vengeful journey.

- Hand-Drawn Artistry: Experience the beauty of a hand-drawn 2D world, meticulously crafted to bring the game's unique setting and characters to life.

- Sekiro-Inspired Combat: Engage in combat that focuses on deflection and precision, challenging players to master timing and strategy to overcome powerful foes.

- Exploration and Discovery: Traverse a diverse landscape, uncovering secrets and histories of a realm shaped by an ancient alien race and now dominated by the 9 Sols.

- Challenging Boss Fights: Face off against the 9 Sols, each a formidable ruler with unique abilities and combat styles, requiring players to adapt and strategize to succeed.

Release Date of Nine Sols

28 May, 2024

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on28 May, 2024
LanguagesEnglish,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Japanese,Korean