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About No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked is an upcoming Action RPG from Moon Studios, the creators behind the critically acclaimed Ori series. This new title promises to deliver a visceral gaming experience with a focus on precision and deep gameplay mechanics. Set to reinvent the genre, No Rest for the Wicked aims to blend intense action with RPG elements, offering players a fresh take on the traditional action RPG formula.

Features of No Rest for the Wicked

- Visceral Gameplay: Engage in intense, high-stakes combat that requires precision and timing.

- Precision Mechanics: Utilize finely tuned controls to navigate complex environments and overcome challenging enemies.

- RPG Depth: Dive into a rich narrative with character progression and deep story elements.

- Innovative Design: Experience a game that pushes the boundaries of the action RPG genre with new ideas and mechanics.

Release Date of No Rest for the Wicked

18 Apr, 2024

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on18 Apr, 2024
DeveloperMoon Studios GmbH
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