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About Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is an innovative Action RPG that challenges players to evolve from a featureless nobody into a variety of fantastical creatures, including a slug, a ghost, and a dragon. Developed by the creators of Guacamelee!, this game offers a unique twist on the genre by allowing players to explore over 15 distinct forms, each with its own abilities. The gameplay involves mixing and matching these abilities to navigate through evolving dungeons and ultimately save the world.

Features of Nobody Saves the World

- Transformative Gameplay: Players can transform into over 15 different forms, each with unique abilities and roles in combat and puzzle-solving.

- Ability Mix-and-Match: A strategic element where players can combine the abilities of different forms to create powerful and versatile combinations.

- Evolving Dungeons: The game features dungeons that change and adapt, providing a dynamic and challenging environment for players to explore.

- Creative Storyline: The narrative revolves around saving the world, offering a blend of humor and adventure that keeps players engaged.

- Developer Legacy: Created by the team behind Guacamelee!, known for their distinctive art style and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Release Date of Nobody Saves the World

18 Jan, 2022

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on18 Jan, 2022
DeveloperDrinkBox Studios
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